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This Film Artist Worker's Organization of Nepal, incorporated in 2003 A.D., with pious objectives of preserving rights and interest of entire film artists and workers of Nepali film industry, has been continuously active in fulfilment of its goal. We are always ahead in raising voice in favour of film artists and workers. This association, established for overall development of people associated with Nepali film industry, is an umbrella organization for all the labours and workers of this entire industry. This association has been organizing different programs for the professional and intellectual development of Nepali artists working in this industry. We are also giving feedback and remarks on film industry related policy, rules and laws.


a)     As conservation and promotion of class rights and interest of film artists workers of Nepal is possible only through entirely democratic practice, to be committed towards core principal of patriotism, nationality, democracy and equality for incorporation of development, conduction and behavioral practice of democratic system regarding film artists workers of Nepal for establishment of democratic institution, norms and morals.

b)    To organize film artists workers of Nepali film industry together who are scattered throughout nation.

c)     To conserve and promote professional rights and interest of film artists workers of Nepal.

d)    To be active in upliftment of financial lifestyle of film artists workers of Nepal.

e)     To support in expansion of cooperative relationship between film artists workers and employer.

f)      To utilize unused manpower of nation.

g)     To expand labor market and to spread awareness regarding this.

h)    To development brotherhood relationship with national and international organizations having similar objectives and principle.

i)       To organize and to take part in national and international meeting, seminar, convention, etc, organized for development and betterment of film artists workers.

j)       To run appropriate programs for interest and welfare of film artists workers and their families.